Keep Old Man Winter From Sapping Power During Winter Travel

Flurries and frigid temperatures across Canada demonstrate that winter’s arrival is in full force. And with winter comes the risk of a dead battery.

Batteries more than 3 years old should be tested more frequently to ensure it can survive the cold weather.

  • Have the vehicle’s starting and charging systems tested every three months--or every oil change.
  • Have the battery tested before taking a long trip.
  • Have your service advisor inspect the battery cables, posts and fasteners. Make sure the cables are in good shape and firmly secured. Corroded cables mean less power flowing from the battery, reducing the power available to start the car.
  • Use only an appropriate battery for the vehicle. It should be the correct size and ratings, especially for vehicles that experience extremely harsh winters.
  • Keep the vehicle in a garage overnight or plugged in, when possible, especially in areas with extremely harsh winters.
  • Invest in a battery heater if garage storage isn’t available.
  • Keep connections secure, and avoid damage to the battery.